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Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are, Lon Gallery, 2016
Artists: Sean Peoples, Fergus Binns, Annabelle Kingston, Tully Moore, Al Nemaric and Meg Stoios

Drawing and Anarchy

Drawing and Anarchy, Kings ARI, 2015, curated by Meg Stoios

Artists: Ander Rennick, Katherine Botten, Meg Stoios, Tait Sengstock, Tony Garifilakis

Foreground (sculpture): Katherine Botten

Foreground (sculpture): Meg Stoios

The Australian Artists’ Grant is a NAVA initiative, made possible through the generous sponsorship of Mrs Janet Holmes à Court and the support of the Visual Arts Board, AustraliaCouncil for the Arts.

Understudy Lover

Understudy Lover, Zeppelin Projects, 2015