Victorian College of the Arts Graduate Exhibition 2012

Dysfunctional Idealism, Victorian College of the Arts, 2012

Remember That Time in Berlin, Plywood, digital inkjet print, string, Dimensions variable, 2012

Untitled (Girl Stuff), Digital inkjet print, 2012

Untitled (Chair), Steel, found objects (broken chair, whisk), string, Dimensions variable, 2012

1.64m - Height of the Prime Minister of Australia, 2012, Digital inkjet print, 2012

Jennifer Hawkins, Concrete, bathroom scales, paper, painter's tape, Dimensions variable, 2012


Untitled (Orange), Digital inkjet print, 2012

Untitled (Shoes), Mixed media, Dimensions variable, 2012

Robert Wadlow, 2.72m, February 22, 1918 - July 15, 1940 (Pictured).

Robert Wadlow - 2.72m, Wooden pole (2.72 metres high), zine, Dimensions variable, 2012

Untitled (Pulley), Mixed media, Dimensions Variable, 2012

Installation Shots, Untitled (Steaks #1, #2), Plywood, plastic steak dog toys, ink, Carlton Draught bottle cap, Dimensions Variable, 2012  

Untitled (Sea Folly), Digital inkjet print, 2012

Untitled (Train), Video, 2012

Scam, Video, 2012

Listening (Still), Digital inkjet print, 2012

Listening, Video, 2012

Hair Piece (Detail), Wood, human hair, pipe cleaner, Dimensions variable, 2012 

Kebab, Bronze, Styrofoam display shelf, Dimensions variable, 2012

Kebab (Detail)

Untitled (Ankles), Digital inkjet print, 2012

Untitled (Australia), Digital inkjet print, 2012


Untitled (Ham and Chicken Loaf Series), Digital Inkjet Print, 2012



Living in the Moment, 
Digital inkjet print, 2012

Untitled (Denim), Digital inkjet print, 2012

Untitled (Melbourne Uni Open Day), Digital inkjet print, 2012

Untitled, Digital inkjet print, 2012